Support Android/IOS Multifunction self-charging  robotic Vacuum Cleaner  Video on Youtube : Product DescriptionJISIWEI S+ is an adva

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Support Android/IOS Multifunction self-charging  robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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JISIWEI S+ is an advanced smart robotic vacuum cleaner. With TPU dual-mode anti-scratching system, auto-recharging, seven cleaning paths, and IMD material cover, it can simultaneously vacuum; sweep, dry mop and wet mop different floor types, such as wood floor, carpet, ceramic and marble. Specializing in hair, dust, debris, and an expert with pet fur, S+ even absorbs sub-micron particles. It gives you automatic, effective excellent cleaning for the coverage, even under furniture, along edges and corners, and in other hard-to-reach places. JISIWEI S+ looks luxury and classy with affordable price, stylish design.


JISIWEI S+ with numerous advances incorporated in the engineering and design qualities in areas of vacuum motor, rechargeable battery, sophisticated algorithm, numerous sensors to enable soft bumps, smart cleaning modes, and etc. It provides the most suitable cleaning function and performance for a variety of cleaning environments through several different cleaning modes. 


Superior to the traditional vacuum cleaning robot, JISIWEI S+ creatively designs build-in HD camera, Wi-Fi function, and coming with cloud service. With HD camera, the smart phone can show where the robot moves, if there is a thief broken into your house, what are the pets doing, and if the elder/ children in house safely. With WIFI function, you can operate the vacuum cleaning robot anywhere anytime; even you are in another country. JISIWEI S+ is an ideal for smart phone remote control and protects your children, pets and house. 



1, Built-in Camera
Take pictures, record, and monitor your house, pets and thief when you are out.

2, WIFI function, Smartphone App control
1) Robot will discrete wifi signal which can be searched and connected by smartphone.

2)App in smartphone can be connected with robot camera after scanning the two-dimension code on bottom of robot and input initial password. Control robot through App interface achievable.

3) Remote control through internet: click bottom, select setting button, choose your home router name and input password.

4) Pictures and video captured can be saved in smartphone for further playback and edit.

3,Control methods: smartphone APP control; remote controller; touch on;


4,Multiple sweeping routes.
Press auto cleaning key, it can automatically clean the floor by 7 paths: point route, edge route, Z-shape route, random route, clockwise route, counterclockwise route etc.

,Auto recharging
Robot will automatically back to charging base when electricity shortage and continues the cleaning when battery charged. Charging time usually takes about 3 to 4 hours.

,Large mop
Sweep and mopping function combination.

7,Anti-collision and anti-falling
15sets of Infrared detect sensors are adopt in front of robots which detect and make reaction to the obstacles and dangling environment.

8,Voice prompt
Voice prompt are kindly reminding the robot working state. For example: auto charging started, wifi signal connected, auto clean started etc.

9, Anti-Blocking

It can climb a slope of 15 degrees. And automatically measure speed, surpass obstacles, move back in case of blocking.


Tech Specifications:

Working voltage:      14.8V

Charging voltage:    19V

Working Power:        24W

Remote control:       WIFI, 3G, 4G

App Support:    Android, IOS

Controller:        Android, IOS APP /Infrared remoter

Remote control Distance:        No limited when connect to wifi / within 7m

Language Support:  Chinese, English

Sweeping area:        50-200㎡

Noise:       20/50dB

Battery Type:   Chargeable Li-battery

Battery capacity:     2600mAh

Scope of application:        wooden, carpet, planks, marble, tiles

Full-Charging:  4 hours

Battery working time (when full charged):      2 hours

Camera view Angle:         120 degree wide lens

IP camera pixels:     1.0MP

Height:     85mm

Diameter:         350mm

Dust bin capacity:    500ml


Packing list:

1* Main unit

1* Charging dock with adapter

1* Infrared remoter

1* Bristle brush

2* Side brush

1*Cleaning Tool

1* Filter

2* Clean mopping cloths  1* User manual

1* Warranty card

Net weight 3.2kg

Gross weight 4.6kg

Packing Size 47*45*15cm


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WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

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