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How to choose a vacuum Robot Cleaner?

Buying Tips for Vacuum Robot Cleaner

Before you get introduced to your vacuum robot, you should know a few things.Since there's lots of choice on the market. 

Robot vacuum rule number 1: You shouldn't compare your robot to your regular vacuum cleaner. It will fall short every time. Rule number two: Don't kick your regular vacuum to the curb; you'll still need it. Rule number 3: Accept willingly, the robot's shortcomings. You'll be much happier with your purchase.

A robot vacuum is a totally different breed of vacuuming machine. A similar goal, but altogether different approach, capabilities and limitations. There are some trade offs to be expected when it comes to using an automated version, but you will love having one. And you will get to depend on it too.

It won't replace your big vacuum cleaner for regular cleanings and you shouldn't expect it to, but it will become an time-saving essential for keeping your home clean.

Now that you understand, here's a few differences and other tips so you can welcome your robot as you should.

There are a few choices of models, a wide range of prices from $100 to well over $1,000 plus special features to consider. Also keep in mind that technologies are constantly changing and newer models will have advanced features compared with older robot vacuums. That said, some older models are still getting high ratings. So it's a matter of finding the right one for your home.

What Do You Need?

First of all, you need to decide whether you're looking for a simple, lower priced robot to clean-dust all your hard flooring, or whether a higher priced unit with scheduler, memory, sensors to detect dirt, and better transitioning abilities from floor to carpet, is what would better suit your home. A lower priced unit may be sufficient for your needs. Decide on a price range, keeping in mind that special features do influence the price.

Power & Performance

Models differ in the time they need to charge and how long they can clean when fully charged. Just how much power these robots have is not usually stated, so check the unit over to ensure it is quality built and that you're satisfied with the charging capacity. Units generally come with a 'home' base, however, a self-charging base is often an optional accessory - a very convenient one. Many models now have de-tangling abilities which can save run time. This is a very handy feature to have in a robot vacuum.

Transitioning & Stair Detection Abilities

Robotic vacuums work best on hard flooring. But some models have transitioning capability and have no problem going from floor to low-level carpeting. They may work well on a thicker carpet, but will not be able to transition well from floor to plush carpet. Another sensor can detect if they've come to the edge of stairs, and they'll turn around at that point.

    Cleaning Coverage & Dirt Detection

    Will the model randomly clean an area, and assume it's done, or does it have the 'intelligence' to know there's a corner it missed, and continue until full area cleaning is achieved?
    Some models are even able to detect that the floor is very dirty, and they'll linger longer on that spot.

      Dust Bin Size

      Not all dust bins are the same size, and it's more convenient to have a robot with a larger bin. Check how well it removes from the unit, as it will have to be emptied often for optimum performance, if not every time the robot works.

        Special Convenience Features Available

        • Scheduler - so it can work while you're away

        • Remote - so no bending required

        • Virtual walls - models usually come with at least one, but you may want to bar more than one doorway

        • Wall mount or bracket for storage

        • Self-charging base

        • Dirt detector or sensor

        • Dress Up Your Robot With a Skin

        Maintenance & Replacement Parts

        Maintenance is simple, empty bin, check for debris that can clog the brushes, replace brushes and filter when needed. Ensure you have a source for replacement brushes and filters, and consider purchasing your first set right away. Maintenance is definitely the key to keeping this unit performing well. Always compare service and warranties.

        • How to Handle Appliance Concerns

        • 10 Reasons to Read Your Manual

        • Appliance Parts & Repairs Resources

        Get The Home Ready to Receive Its First Robot

        You've decided to purchase one of these little wonders, now it's time to clear the pathway.

        • Remove newspapers, small toys, strings, and other small articles lying around on the floor.

        • Ensure no drapery hems or blind pull cords are laying on the floor/carpet

        • Remember to follow manual instructions for time required for that first important charge.

        • The JISIWEI S+ featured is a very popular model. 

        • S+Brings

          Augmented Reality to Robot Vacuums

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

          APP control

          S+ built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control. Wherever you are with Jisiwei APP, you can activate S+ remotely to return a beautiful, clean home

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot


          S+ lets you remotely control the robot through a live video feed from its built-in camera.

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

          Home view

          Have you ever missed or worried about your lonely pets at home ? S+ is like getting an extra pair of moving eyes wherever you are, to see them or play with them.

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

          Seven clean path

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

          Auto Recharge

          S+ is capable of working continuously for 120 minutes without recharging. When recharging is needed, S+ will automatically find and dock at the charging station.

          WIFI vacuum cleaning robot

          S+ is capable of vacumming across different flooring materials, even slight height change in flooring like between rooms from hardwood to ceramic

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