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4#Sue Kurczewski 2016-11-23 17:47:42
ContentThis Jisiwei i3 vacuum cleaning robot is a welcome addition to the dishwasher, washing machine and other devices that simplify house cleaning duties while maximizing my limited time to accomplish household chores. The Jisiwei i3 Vacuum Cleaning robot does 97% of the vacuuming duties for me with just one press of the button. Since this robot autodetects barriers, it doesn’t get close to the edge of walls or other barriers. So, the only thing that I must do is a quick broom sweep of the edges. It does the rest. What an amazing time saver! I’m not sure why it took me so long to get one of these. Much in the same way as it’s difficult to imagine returning to the days of hand washing dishes daily, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the days of manual vacuuming again. The Jisiwei i3 vacuum cleaning robot has a large bin for collecting the debris that it collects as it roams around the area. The bin has two filters that are easy to clean and replace. To remove the bin, simply press the top of the robot and the cover will automatically open to allow easy access to the bin. There is a small handle on the bin and just lifts out. The bin has a tight lid that opens to reveal the main filter. I simply lift the main filter out and dump the collected dirt, dust and dog hair. The second filter is a hepa filter and can be removed for cleaning also. The vacuum comes with a spare hepa filter for convenience. With the included cleaning brush, I lightly brush the filters and return them to the bin, install the bin back in o the robot and it’s ready for the next vacuuming or mopping chore. Included in the box are spare brushes for the vacuum, a cleaning brush, a mopping accessory with washable mopping pad, a charging station and a remote control along with the vacuum robot. It’s a complete set that’s ready to get to work. The remote control does require batteries that are not included. All that’s necessary is to plug in the charging station and charge it up. While the robot is charging there is a flashing red light displayed on the top of the vacuum robot. When fully charged, the vacuum robot beeps and the red light turns to green. From my experience, the charged vacuum robot will clean for about 2 hours before it needs to be recharged. That has been plenty of time to vacuum and/or mop my entire house with time left over. The robot will do a thorough cleaning while you can do other things. It doubles as a vacuum and an automatic mopping appliance. To switch to mopping mode takes seconds. In the mopping accessory is a small port that you fill with water and then attach the mopping accessory onto the vacuum. The cleaning pad is then attached using Velcro tabs. Mopping begins with just a press of a button located on the top of the robot. It’s the same button used for vacuuming. The vacuum will then dispense the cleaning liquid as it mops the floor. It worked great on my porcelain tile floor. In the auto cleaning mode, the robot will sense and identify the environment and determine the best cleaning path for the area. There are 4 cleaning modes – spiral route, around the column route, z-shape and random routes. This applies for both vacuuming and mopping with the robot. Another cool feature of this robot is its ability to detect the edge of stairs. I used the robotic vacuum in the upstairs hallway and forgot to close the door but the robot detected the top of the stairs and reversed direction automatically. When it has completed the cleaning or when the battery is low the robot will automatically return to the charging station and begin charging itself. How cool is that? The vacuum robot can begin cleaning using an app, a remote control or a press of a button located on the robot. As a bonus this vacuum has built in wifi capabilities or can be connected to the home’s internal wifi. There’s a downloadable app that connects the robot and wifi functionality to also be a security monitor. The app will display and save images and video from the robot. The included remote control enables specific manual control if desired. I primarily start cleaning by pressing the button on the robot but it’s nice to have additional options. The main floor of my home is an open design and I have found, for me, it is beneficial to put up barriers to separate areas when cleaning. To accomplish that I just rolled up a couple blankets and laid them down to separate the areas I wanted to prevent the robotic vacuum from entering. No special equipment was needed. By creating barriers to separate the rooms, the robot concentrated on that room/area instead of the larger open space thus saving battery life. But, if your rooms are enclosed that step wouldn’t be necessary. The vacuum will roam throughout the entire space - cleaning effortlessly as it travels throughout the room. I absolutely adore my new Jisiwei i3 vacuum cleaning robot and give it a 5 star plus rating. Not only do I love it, I plan to order another one as a gift for a friend. I’m excited to share our experiences over lunch while our individual robots, dishwashers, and washing machines do the cleaning for us. This is a dream come true. There was a time that I dreamt how awesome it would be if there was a device that could do the vacuuming and mopping for me. That dream has now come true. My next dream is a clothes dryer robot that also folds and puts away the clothes. I’ll be first in line.
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3#Dylan 2016-11-23 17:45:18
ContentThe JISIWEI I3 Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does just that. It works on tile, linoleum and hardwood floors as well as low pile carpet. It was super easy to set up. It is made well and does a wonderful job. I am highly satisfied with the JISIWEI I3 Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It has exceeded all of my expectations and is even easier than I imagined.
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2#brady bunch 2016-11-23 17:43:00
ContentThis is one smart robotic vacuum. Upon arrival, I opened up the box and just knew I had to name her. So here comes Hazel! It’s the vacuum that does my cleaning for me. Hazel has freed up so much time for me. Of course in my house now everyone is willing to vacuum with a push of a button. So let’s start with what’s in the box: 1 Robotic Vacuum, a remote control, charging dock, adapter, cleaning brush, bristle brush, four side brushes, extra filter and mopping pads. Next up the amazing features this vacuum offers: It’s a smart vacuum, has a remote control, its Wi-Fi and works with an app, equipped with a built in web and cloud technology, it can vacuum and mop and works on all floor types. Now when you turn on the vacuum you are greeted with “Hello Master”, how cute is that? It’s time to have Hazel earn her keep. So I can either push a button on the remote, on my app or the vacuum itself. So here comes Hazel buzzing along. Boy does Hazel have manners if she bumps in o things she will use her smart technology and reroute so not to damage your furniture, pets, and even you. Hazel comes with an instruction manual to help you set her up. Setting up Hazel with Wi-Fi is a snap. So now Hazel is buzzing along the floors and rugs cleaning up and boy is she quiet. I have another big name robotic vacuum that makes so much noise, but not Hazel she is quiet so not to disturb you. I find Hazel to be an outstanding additional to our family. My Hazel will even go under the beds to banish all the dust bunnies. When Hazel is finished cleaning or needs to recharge she goes right back to her charging station. I have two houses so having a robotic cleaner in each house a major plus. But Hazel is my favorite vacuum, I can have her cleaning when I am out or home. Hazel with her 14 infrared sensor eye detention is simply amazing. Hazel is even equipped with bumper strips to protect my furniture and loved ones. She even will mop wet or dry to clean up those messes. One amazing feature that Hazel offers that no other vacuum that I know of offers is she can monitor my pets, children and home. Hazel has a 1 MP built in web and cloud technology. I can monitor my home with a video and sound recording. I can set the video to 1080, 720 or 480. I can also connect Hazel up to two phones. Hazel has the anti bump and anti-climb technology. My Hazel is one smart cookie. The mopping part of Hazel is like my steam mop, so it does a fantastic job on my tile and wood flooring. She is able to hold 280ml in her water tank. This is the most amazing vacuum. Hazel is a big part of our family. If you have a two story house you will want a vacuum for upstairs and downstairs. When I tell my children to vacuum their bedrooms, of course they take Hazel upstairs with them to vacuum. Hazel is a delight to have in our house. With 3 dogs and four children, Hazel works overtime. Everyone who meets Hazel loves her. The pricing for the vacuum is affordable. Hazel the robotic smart vacuum makes and outstanding gift. I would without a doubt recommend this vacuum.
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1#Zombie Dad 2016-11-23 17:40:04
ContentI’ve been running the JISIWEI S+ robotic vacuum on a daily basis for just over a week now. I feel that’s long enough to share my thoughts on both the good & bad features of this smart cleaning robot. This definitely isn’t a perfect product but it cleans well. There are some issues with the robot & quite a few minor annoyances with the app that need to be worked out. Before I get too far in o my review, I should point out I was provided with a complimentary sample product for testing & review. That has zero impact on my review or rating. I spent hours on this review; if you take the time to read through it I’m confident you’ll find plenty of honest opinions & information to assist you with making a purchase decision. Secondly, I’d like to mention I’m still relatively new to the world of robotic vacuum cleaners. This is the 2nd floor cleaning robot I’ve owned. The remainder of my robotic vacuum ownership experience consists of my experience with a product from Anker. I simply point this out so you have an idea where I’m coming from.
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