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Jisiwei S+ camera Vacuum Cleaner is good for carpet

Jisiwei S+ camera Vacuum Cleaner is good for carpet

By DDD on June 12, 2016

This product was provided as a sample for my review. These opinions are solely mine and are unbiased and honest and not influenced in any way by the seller.

The Jisiwei S+ smart vacuuming robot is a great product and I have been using it once a day for the past two weeks to clean my home. Coming from an older Roomba, I was surprised at how well this works in comparison and have pretty much stopped using the Roomba now. The S+ came well packaged in the box with plenty of accessories including extra filters, side brushes, mopping pads, a remote, as well as a charging dock.

The manual included is very detailed and helpful in figuring out how to operate the robot. You can operate the robot with either the buttons on the top of the unit, or with the remote control. Make sure you flip the ON switch located on the bottom of the robot before trying to use it. I charged it until the on screen display showed that it was full (took about 4 or 5 hours). My house is almost all tile and I did not test it on carpet

The way the robot works is that it has two brushes, one on each side that spin in opposite directions to pull in dirt and hair into the unit. On the underside is a large rotating brush that pushes this dirt into a removable compartment on the back of the unit. There are several modes including regular cleaning, turbo cleaning, as well as mopping. On the regular cleaning, the unit runs very quietly. On turbo, which is the setting that I have been using the most, it is a bit noisier but not nearly as loud as the Roomba. The unit also runs a bit slow but I think that is a good thing to avoid making any marks on walls or furniture.

After running it straight the first time for an hour, I was surprised at how much dirt and hair it picks up. All of this is collected in the compartment in the back that then is removed and can be dumped right into the trash can. There is a filter in this compartment as well that I remove and dust off each time I empty the unit out. The brush on the underside can also be removed to clean. I noticed it collects dog hair much better than the Roomba and it does not get clogged or tangled as easily either.

Other cool features includes being able to control the unit’s movements with the remote control. You can also use the app to control the unit and view the built-in camera on the phone. Set-up for this app is a bit tricky but the step by step instructions make it a bit easier.

Overall, this is a great robot vacuum from Jisiwei. It picks up a bunch of my dog hair and is easy to clean and dump out. A great time saver for sure.