Choosing WIFI robot vacuum cleaner and HD camera 2 in 1!

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JISIWEI many patents in Japan, Germany, China and other countries have got.

JISIWEI S + robot vacuuming the most advanced and cleanliness in the word, not just the traditional floor cleaning machine, but also can be controlled remotely by a smartphone via Wi-Fi Cloud intellectual, and built-in camera for home security.

With the combination of the creation of Internet technology and supply chain robot industry, and JISIWEI take a series of products to clean the house and platforms related services.

JISIWEI is a leading global high-tech company that focuses on cloud intelligent robot. Based on the experiences of many years of technological innovation and benefits the Internet company, JISIWEI succeeded in R & D the first smart cloud security vacuum cleaning robot in the world S +.

Based on the full integration of research and innovation in Internet technology and supply chain in the robot industry, and JISIWEI develop a series of household cleaning, security guard of smart products and services platform that combines hardware and software.

JISIWEI build robots smart home Internet data platform, Android smart home (smart devices) - Mobile phone video security remote control (software) Consultants -cloud (data) platform.